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Growatt 3Kw 24v 3000watts Solar Intelligent Hybrid All-in-One Inverter

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Seamless Solar Energy with Macire’s Growatt 3kW Solar Hybrid Inverter + 50A MPPT 🌞⚡

Macire presents the Growatt 3kW Solar Hybrid Inverter, a perfect blend of efficiency and reliability for your energy needs. Equipped with a 50A MPPT solar charge controller and a transformerless design for streamlined power conversion, it’s ideal for any home or small business setup.

Key Specs:

  • Stable Energy Output: 3000W rated power, with a 6000VA surge capacity. 💪
  • Enhanced Battery Voltage: 24VDC for optimal power storage. 🔋
  • Powerful Solar Charge Controller: 50A MPPT for maximum solar efficiency. ☀️
  • High Solar Charger Capacity: Handles up to 2400W, making the most of sunny days. 🌤️
  • Peak Efficiency: Achieves up to 97%, ensuring less energy is wasted. 📈

For those looking to harness the power of the sun, Macire’s Growatt inverter is the smart choice for a sustainable and resilient power supply. #MacireEnergy #GrowattHybrid #CleanPower

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Empower Your Energy with Macire’s Growatt 3kW Solar Hybrid Inverter + 50A MPPT 🌞🔋

Elevate your solar experience with Macire’s Growatt 3kW Solar Hybrid Inverter, a sophisticated and efficient energy solution designed to provide your space with reliable power. Integrating a 50A MPPT solar charge controller and boasting a transformerless design, this inverter ensures top-notch power conversion in a compact size.

Advanced Energy Features:

  • Robust Rated Power: With 3000W of rated power, it’s ideal for homes, home offices, or small businesses. 💼
  • Optimized Battery Voltage: Operates on a 24VDC battery voltage for effective energy storage and management. 🔋
  • Efficient Solar Charging: A powerful 50A solar charge current paired with a 2400W solar charger maximizes your solar energy utilization. ☀️
  • High Surge Capability: Surge power of 6000VA to support your critical loads during peak demands. ⚡
  • Maximized Efficiency: Impressive 97% maximum efficiency for a streamlined energy transfer. 💡

Intelligent Design and Control:

  • MPPT Charge Controller: Integrated MPPT ensures maximum power extraction from your solar panels. 🔄
  • Flexible Power Management: Adjustable charging and load supply priorities give you control over energy distribution. 🎚️
  • Remote Monitoring: Optional WIFI/GPRS for remote monitoring to keep you updated on your system’s performance. 📡
  • Expandable System: Parallel capability for 4-5KVA units, allowing you to scale up as needed (up to 6 units). 🔗
  • SKU: GWSPF3KWHVM24 for easy reference and order.

Macire’s Growatt 3kW Solar Hybrid Inverter is more than just a product; it’s an investment in sustainable and autonomous energy. Whether you’re looking to cut down on electricity bills, ensure backup power, or make a full switch to solar, this inverter provides the flexibility and reliability you need.

🌟 Choose Macire for a greener future and a smarter home. 🏡 Contact us to get your Growatt 3kW Solar Hybrid Inverter today and take the first step towards energy independence. #MacireSolar #GrowattInverter #SustainableEnergy #SolarPowerUnleashed 🌱🔌


Specifications for Macire’s Growatt 3kW Solar Hybrid Inverter + 50A MPPT:

  • Rated Power: 3000VA / 3000W, suitable for handling various electrical loads.
  • Battery Voltage: 24VDC, allowing for a moderate energy storage solution.
  • Solar Charge Current: Robust 50A, ensuring efficient solar panel energy conversion.
  • Open Circuit Voltage: Up to 102VDC, accommodating a wide range of solar panel types.
  • Charge Current: 30A, providing steady power to recharge batteries.
  • Surge Power: Capable of 6000VA for brief periods to start up larger appliances.
  • Solar Charger Capacity: Can utilize a solar array up to 2400W for energy harvesting.
  • Maximum Efficiency: High conversion efficiency of up to 97%, minimizing energy loss.
  • MPPT Charge Controller: Integrated for optimal performance with solar panels.
  • Adjustable Settings: Offers customization for battery charging priority and load supply priority.
  • Remote Monitoring Options: Compatible with optional WIFI/ GPRS modules for system monitoring and management.
  • Parallel Capability: Allows for parallel operation up to 6 units, enhancing system capacity and redundancy (only available for 4-5KVA models).
  • SKU: GWSPF3KWHVM24 for streamlined product identification and ordering.

This Growatt inverter, offered by Macire, is engineered to provide a reliable and comprehensive power management system, seamlessly integrating with your solar setup to deliver consistent, clean energy.

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