4.5Kva Champion UK LPG Biogas Dual Fuel Portable Generator 4500watts With Electric Start

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🔥 DUAL FUEL – Engine is powered by Biogas or LPG gas

🕒 RUN TIME – Get reliable power with 18 hours of runtime on LPG.

🤫 ULTRA-QUIET – Quieter, smaller & lighter than traditional generators.

🔌 CLEAN POWER – Hybrid generator produces only clean power (>3% THD) for safe connection.

💡 RUNNING WATTS – High power at 4500 running watts.

Discover the future of portable power

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4.5Kva Champion UK LPG Biogas Dual Fuel Portable Generator 4500watts With Electric Start


🤫 Quieter, smaller and lighter than traditional generators – the Champion Digital Hybrid inverter is now available in Duel Fuel for even smarter running.


Integrating digital components used in more advanced inverters known as “quiet technology”, Champion have significantly cut noise level and weight – ideal for camping trips and getaways without the bulk.


💪 The reliable 224cc engine produces 4500 running watts. Giving you a huge 18 hours of runtime on LPG with only a 20L gas bottle – it’ll see you through. And with the economy mode feature and low-oil shut-off sensor, you’ll reduce your fuel waste.


💼 As our hybrid only produces Clean Power at less than 3% THD, you can confidently connect your sensitive electronics. Using true sine wave inverter technology to protect against any harmful surges or fluctuations, you can plug in anything from laptops to household appliances with confidence.


🧰 As well as being benefited by a hardwearing cage, never-flat tires and a foldaway handle for easy transportation, this Champion inverter is also packed with smart tech. With quiet technology, and all the benefits of Clean Power – this is advanced Champion power.


Why Choose LPG?

💰 CHEAPER – The biggest attraction of LPG is the lower running costs, around 30% – 50% cheaper to run currently than petrol.

🔋 FLEXIBILITY – Longer run time? Simply use a bigger cylinder with no limitations from the internal fuel tank.

🌍 CLEANER EMISSIONS – Cleaner emissions allow for use in situations where petrol is not appropriate such as around food or petrol-free camp sites.

🌬️ EASY STORAGE – No bad smells and minimal risk of spillage.

🔧 LOWER MAINTENANCE – Lower maintenance costs due to cleaner running leading to an extended life of various generator components, unlike petrol which decays over time to hinder operation.

⛽ FAST REFUEL – Simply connect up a new bottle and go!

Starting Watts (Gasoline) 4500 Actual 4500W
Running Watts (Gasoline) 3500 Actual 3300W
Max Watts (Gasoline) 3600 Actual 3600W
Starting Watts (LPG) 4500 Actual 4500W
Running Watts (LPG) 3150 Actual 3000W
Max Watts (LPG) 3600 Actual 3600W
Sound Level (dBA @ 23 ft) Marketing 64
Gasoline Run Time Eco (hrs @ 25% Load) 14.5
Gasoline Run Time (hrs @ 50% Load) 8.5
LPG Run Time (hrs @ 25% Load) 18 with 20# tank
LPG Run Time (hrs @ 50% Load) 12 with 20# tank
Starting Temperature Range (°C) -15 to 40 < 6 pulls for manual start
Remote Starting Temperature Range (°C) -15 to 40
CO Shutdown Required No
Make YF
Displacement (cc) 224
Engine Model # YF172IV
Engine Family Name N/A e24*2016/1628*2018/989SRA2/P*0231*00
Fuel Type Dual Fuel
EPA Certified Useful Life (hours) 250
Gasoline RPM  Range 2800 – 3600
LPG RPM  Range 3000 – 3600
Oil Type 10W-30
Oil Capacity (mL / fl oz/) 600 20.3
ANSI Drain Bolt Wrench Size (mm) 12
OEM Spark Plug Model NHSP F6RTC
Replacement Spark Plug Model NGK BPR6ES
Spark Plug Gap (in/mm) 0.028 – 0.031 0.70 – 0.80
Intake Valve Clearance  (in/mm) 0.005 – 0.007 0.13 – 0.17
Exhaust Valve Clearance  (in/mm) 0.007 – 0.009 0.18 – 0.22
Air Cleaner type 2 clips; top and botton
Starting Electric Recoil/Electric
Spark Arrester Type 2 screw screen
Pull Cord Handle Flat Black C
Pull Cord Handle Insert Yellow – 109C
Oil Dipstick Color Yellow -109C
Fuel Tank
Style Castle
Effective Capacity (gal / L) 2.9 11.0
Material Steel
Color Gloss Yellow -109C
Fuel Gauge Rectangle Mechanical
Fuel Cap Yes Steel
Anti-Slosh Valve No

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