150l Solar Water Heater Non-Pressurized

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🔰15+ Year’s life span & Valid Warranties

🔰Lipa Pole Pole or Instalment payments accepted
🔰Heat preservation:72-80 hours.

🔰Huge Saving on Power and Fuel Charges

🔰Wind, Snow & Hailstone Resistance

🔰Easy Installation & Maintenance

🔰Works Even in Cold Weather

🔰Free Delivery in Nairobi

🔰Delivery Options Available for Upcountry Clients

🔰Huge portfolio of Past Projects & Happy Clients

🔰Market Best Prices

🔰Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

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Here are the few advantages of solar water heater:


Ideally, the solar water heaters uses energy from the sun. This means we do not have to pay a single penny to the power grid for using electricity. Being a renewable source of energy, it is completely free and available each day. All we need to do is figure is how to fine-tune our panel to optimize the performance in cloudy weather.


One of the primary reasons solar panels has great outweigh than any other form of energy is that when it comes to heating water is the efficiency, they bring to us. Efficiency here means the solar panels convert almost up to 80% radiation into the heat energy without making use of any external fuels.

Save of power bills by at least 65%

 They are a one-time investment for long term benefits.

Save for environment.

The world is accepting ‘green’ and there is no greener energy than solar panels. They have no dependency on fuels, have zero-emission, and lower carbon footprints.

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