Brushless Centrifugal Surface Solar Pump Model 110v 1500watts Power 17m Head 50,000liter per hour (Complete with Panels)

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🌞💧 Introducing our Brushless Centrifugal Surface Solar Pump Model – DCPM50-17-110-1500! 🚀💦

  • 1500W, 110V: High-performance solar pump for efficient water pumping. 🔋🌱
  • Max Flow 50 m³/h, Max Head 17m: Perfect for various applications. 🏞️💧
  • Outlet Size 3″, Cable 0.6m: Easy setup and seamless connectivity. 🔄🔌
  • Harness Solar Energy: Minimize power consumption and embrace sustainability. ☀️🌿

Upgrade your water pumping system and harness the power of the sun today! 🏆 #SolarPump #EfficientPumping #SustainableSolution

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Introducing our cutting-edge Brushless Centrifugal Surface Solar Pump Model – DCPM50-17-110-1500, designed to harness the power of the sun for efficient water pumping. 🌞💧

This high-performance pump is a game-changer, boasting impressive technical specifications that make it perfect for a wide range of applications. 🚀🏞️

With a powerful 1500W brushless motor, this solar pump operates at a voltage of 110V, ensuring optimal energy conversion and minimizing power consumption. Its efficiency is further enhanced by an optimum input voltage range of 110V-150V, making it an excellent choice for harnessing solar energy. 🔋🌱

Designed for versatility and reliability, the pump delivers a maximum flow rate of 50 m³/h and can reach an impressive maximum head of 17 meters. Whether you need to pump water for irrigation, agricultural purposes, or any other application requiring efficient water transfer, this pump has got you covered. 💦🌾🚜

Featuring a 3″ outlet size, the DCPM50-17-110-1500 ensures seamless connectivity to your water distribution system. Additionally, it comes equipped with a 0.6-meter cable for easy setup and connectivity, providing added convenience. 🔄🚰

To complete the package, the pump includes a DC Controller, making it an all-inclusive solution for your solar-powered water pumping needs. The controller allows you to efficiently manage the pump’s operation, optimizing its performance for the specific application. 🎛️💼

Moreover, we understand that a reliable solar pump requires a compatible solar panel system. Our pump is designed to work seamlessly with solar panels with an open circuit voltage (VOC) of less than 210V. The recommended power for the solar panel should be at least 1.3 times the pump power to ensure optimal performance. ☀️🔌

At Macire, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality products, and the DCPM50-17-110-1500 is no exception. With its outstanding technical specifications, thoughtful design, and seamless integration, this surface solar pump is the perfect addition to your sustainable water pumping solution. 🌟👌

Upgrade your water pumping system today and embrace the power of solar energy with our Brushless Centrifugal Surface Solar Pump Model – DCPM50-17-110-1500. Experience efficiency, reliability, and sustainability like never before. 🌿🏆

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